Section drawing description
325 Series

  1. Aluminum Outer Frame Extrusion
    Frame Depth: 1916" & 214"
  2. Dust Seal
  3. Glass Cover Panel Frame Extrusion
  4. Clear Glass Cover - 14" thick
  5. Acrylic Name Strips
    Size: 1 x 13" x 18" or 1" x 18" x 18"
    Special Width Sizes available
  6. Tempered Hardboard / Particle Board
  7. Mounting Bracket or toggle as required
  8. Allen Head Set Screw

The 300A & 325 Series

These non-illuminated multiple module directories combine a series of 712" wide strip columns into a continuous common outer frame.

Directory Sizes

Two Frame configurations available - 300 Series lighter frames for smaller directories, and the 325 Series Monumental Frame for architectural applications. All sizes are available in Standard lighter frame and in the Monumental Frame series. Standard sizes are below: Widths: 16", 2312", 3114" . Heights: 1512", 23", 3012", 38". Special sizes, combining several columns of copy within one unit, are available, using the 325 series. Wider additional columns should use the 325 Series Heavy Frame Directory Series.

Aluminum Frame Finishes

Anodized clear satin natural, medium bronze duranodic 312 and black duranodic. Painted finishes in custom colors are available.

Cover Panels and Door Types

Standard cover panel is a hinged clear glass panel that is held in place by spring retainers. A clear acrylic plastic cover panel material can be substituted for clear glass if required. Doors with tamper-proof retainers for locking can be specified. A dust-seal that is recessed into the reveal area between the frame and glass cover panel or door assures perfect alignment and ease of maintenance.


Header Panel Information

Header panels are offered in either 5" or 8" heights and the width dimension is dependent upon the number of directory modules required. A color change or divider can be used between directory and header panel.

Mounting Information

Units are surface mounted as standard or may be recessed into a finished edge opening. Mounting brackets are supplied with each directory. Fabrication drawings indicating all details are provided for approval.

Directory Strip Information

Description: Non-illuminated magnetic name strips are retained magnetically by a metal backer and are stacked one upon the other. Strips are completely interchangeable and can be moved to any point when changes occur. Materials: .030" thick matte finish opaque material with magnetic rubber backer. Size: 12" x 738" x 3100" is standard. Colors: 24 standard Vomar colors. Copy color: printed black, white or special color. Letterstyles: 12 styles set in 316" cap.

Note: Each directory module is shipped with either inserted blank strips or printed strips, per copy requirements.


300 A Series Standard Frame