350 A/UF Frameless illuminated directory with an aluminum structure with digital images

350A Series Directories
Standard sizes include 24 units.
Widths: 19", 26", 33", 40", 49" & 63"
Heights: 25", 37", 43" & 49"
Note: dimensions shown are minimum sizes only and measurements up to 2" can be added to either or both of the horizontal or vertical dimensions.

Electrical Specifications
Illumination Information - Light source: LED modules are standard which provide uniform light, low maintenance and no venting requirements. Electrical rating: low voltage LED driven by power supply - 120 volts, 60 hertz. - 277 volts are available. Directories are a UL Listed Product. Service Access: easy front access by releasing a spring retainer and removing the light diffuser panel.

Door Panel Information
Standard door panel is surrounded by an aluminum frame extrusion and includes a concealed continuous hinge and door latching device.

Design Credit: Hunt Design, Pasadena, CA

Door panel material: 732" #14 Greylite glass with 14% visible light transmittance. Tempered glass is available. Optional door design consists of a frameless panel with a concealed continuous hinge and door latching mechanism.

Mounting Information
Units can be installed fully recessed or semi-recessed into an unfinished edge opening. A 1" x 1" x 18" aluminum "L" angle cap molding is available. Standard mounting brackets, installation and maintenance instructions are supplied.

Aluminum Frame Finishes
Anodized clear satin natural, medium bronze duranodic 312 and black duranodic.

Fabrication Drawings
Complete working drawings for each individual unit indicating elevations, sections, and mounting details are provided for approval.

Additional Directories

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Non-Illuminated Specifications & Data

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