350 unframed door

350 Unframed Door

The 350 Illuminated Directories

The 350A Series illuminated directory utilizes a single aluminum extrusion for the outer perimeter frame and provides a housing for the door frame and all directory components. The directory can be combined with aluminum structures and utilize glass cover panels which create a visually continuous translucent solar bronze background field with only LED illuminated copy or other graphic media showing. If your directory has few tenants and a filled appearance is desired, larger strips sizes are available in 1” wide x 10” long aluminum copy strip holders. The 350 illuminated may also use a clear glass cover and gasketing for exterior use.


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carrier-and-strip-elevationsFilm Name Strip Information
The standard name strip is a film
negative strip with only the letter forms
illuminated through a black background.
Size: 38" x 61732". See 375
Directory pages for full strip information.


350 Framed Door Directory Monitor


350 A/UF with Strips & Digital Images


Exterior 350 Directory Plan & Directory