375A Illuminated Directory with 2 columns. Size 24"wide x 24" high x 3"

features standard-directory-sizes La-Quinta

The 375A Series

"Thinline", Illuminated directory features an elegant thin profile design which utilizes LED modules as as light sousce and has a directory depth of This low silhouette style directory is slimmer and lighter than most now available. A single aluminum extrusion forms the outer perimeter frame and provides housing for all directory components. The monolithic cover panel displays a translucent black background field with only illuminated copy or other graphic media

Door Panel Information

The door panel is an unframed design with a concealed continuous hinge and door latching mechanism. The glass extends within 1/16" of all the edges which provides a monolithic appearance. Door Panel Material: 7/32" #14 Greylite glass with 14% visible light transmittance. The glass is tempered and all edges are finished with a fine bevel. Concealed door retainers are standard but exposed specified. Anodized black, medium bronze duranodic 312 and clear natural.

drawingSection Drawing Legend

1 Aluminum Frame Housing
2 Frameless Door Panel
3 #14 Greylite Glass Door
4 Strip Carrier Retainer Frame
5 Film Strip Carriers
6 Translucent White Diffuser
7 LED Modules
8 Continuous Hinge at top/side
9 Aluminum Back - .050 Thk
10 Film Name Strips

Illumination Information

Light source: LED Modules which emit low heat and minimal electrical usage and require no venting. Electrical rating:120 volts, 60 hertz, and 277 volts available on special order. Directories are a UL listed product Front Access: Easy front access by releasing a spring retainer and removing the light diffuser panel.

Mounting Information

Standard mounting is surface wall mount, but units can be installed fully recessed or semi recessed as required. All fully recessed mounted directories require a one half-inch reveal area around the entire perimeter frame to enable the door to open on its pivot.

Film Name Strip Information

The name strip is a film negative strip with only the letterforms illuminated through a black background. Size: 3/8"x17/32 Approximately 20 strips per column vertical foot can be estimated. To calculate strips per column, multiply .5625" x required vertical dimension. Standard Column Width: 7 1/16" on center. Support and retain the film negative name strips and are made from injection molded black nylon. Size: 9/16" x 6 11/16" Standard Header Panel height: 5" with a 4" exposed image height area. Larger 1" x 10" wide strips are available for