The 400 & 425 Series

This non-illuminated directory features a large 1" wide message strip and design format that accommodates larger letterstyles and sizes for tenant buildings requiring fewer strips. This format utilizes the same outer frame and all other components of the 325 and 300 directory series but with larger strip configuration. Two width variations: 1358" & 1858"or larger as required. V1 Series = 1358" & V2 Series = 1858". Heights: 1512", 23", 3012" & 38". Special sizes, combining several columns of copy within one unit, are available. Wider dimensions to accommodate additional copy columns should use the 425 Series Heavy Frame Directory Series.


Directory Strip Information

Description: non-illuminated acrylic plastic name strips are retained within the channels of the frame and are stacked one upon the other. Strips are completely interchangeable and can be moved at any point when changes occur. Materials: 18" thick satin matte finish acrylic with 2nd surface color. Aluminum strips may also be used on request. Strip Sizes: V1 Series 1" x 13" x 18" and V2 Series 1" x 18" x 18". Colors: 24 standard Vomar acrylic colors or custom colors. Letterstyles: 28 standard Vomar acrylic styles. Letter sizes: 14", 38" & 12"or larger, space permitting. Copy color: screen-printed black and white or removable vinyl die cut copy. Note: each directory module is shipped with either inserted blank strips or printed strips per copy requirements.

400-series-standard-frame Montebello