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The 525T & 525 Changeable Letter Series
This series features a non-illuminated tackboard or changeable directory that utilizes natural cork or felt covered grooved boards for display of posters or changing notices.

Directory Sizes
A one-frame configuration is available for the 525T Series Monumental Frame for architectural applications. Special larger sizes to accommodate additional copy requirements can use 525T Series Heavy Frame Directory Series. Directory sizes include 24 configurations. Widths: 1512" , 23", 3012" & larger to your specifications. Heights: 1512", 23", 3012", 38" & larger to your specifications. Special sizes can be specified.

Materials and Construction
Standard tackboard material consists of 12" thick tackboard with natural cork laminated to the face. Any standard felt color is available to cover cork material if specified.

Integral Header Panels
Integral header panels are offered in the standard 5" height and in all colors. Graphic processes include front surface silkscreen or applied graphics such as vinyl die-cut letters or dimensional cutout letters. For exterior environments, the standard cork material must be laminated to an aluminum back. Felt covering is not recommended for exterior exposure and Koroseal vinyl covered boards are recommended.

Cover Panels and Door Types
Standard cover panel is a hinged clear glass panel that is held in place by spring retainers. A clear acrylic plastic cover panel material can be substituted for clear glass if required. Doors with tamper-proof retainers for locking can be specified. A dust-seal is recessed into the reveal area between the frame and glass cover panel.

Aluminum Frame Finishes
Anodized clear satin natural, medium bronze duranodic 312, and black duranodic. Painted finishes for custom colors are available.

Changeable Letter Information
Letterstyles: Gothic, Roman and Helvetica Medium. Capital letters only. Letter heights: 38", 34", 1", 112", 2" Helvetica Medium is available in 516", 12", 34" and 1" heights only. Letter color: black or white.