AM series 6" x 6" with /(2) 2"h window modules & ADA copy & braille with graphic seal

AM series directory 20″ h x 18″ wide using (6) 2″ high printed modules and (2) 4″ high color coded modules.


The plaque module with a window retainer provides a method for customer changeable message strips to be inserted behind transparent viewing window. Any number of configurations are available and may be designed to customer specifications. Plaque height and length is available in any increment of 1 inch.  Mounting track is available in 2″, 4″, and 6″ heights or in combinations of the sizes.

The AM series is a modular plaque system designed so any combination of directional and informational panels can be specified. The plaques and inserts may be ordered in a number of sizes and colors. Many configurations are available from rectangular to square formats with multiple plaques, ADA compliant plaques, window inserts all contained on aluminum tracks and side rails retain the inserts.The side rails are set for standard changeable process or they can be adjusted for vandel resistance for more difficult removal.

AM Interchangeable Aluminum Plaque Series

The AM Series consists of aluminum plaques and windows which slide into extruded aluminum base tracks to provide a versatile sign system. The plaques are available in a variety of configurations and modules and can be combined to form a distinctive unit to specific needs. ADA (American Disabilities Act) plaques can easily be used within this system and are fully compliant and can be combined with many other types of identification units.


The modular sign system is ideally suited for building directories, directional units, identification panels, door and room sign and any sign that requires frequent information change. Interchangeable components allow the user to create other applications with existing modules. These units are all aluminum compnents and can be used in exterior applications if required. This systems consists of three basic components: Plaque modules, window modules, base tracks and side bars. The basic 2”, 3”, 4″ height track system can be multiplied to form larger vertical components for directories and other graphics.


AM series 6″ x 6″ with /4 1″h copy modules & (1) 2″h ADA raised copy & braille & color accent.


AM series 6″ x 6″ with /(3) 1″h copy modules & (1) 3″h ADA raised copy & braille & color accent.


Shown are window components for customer provided name inserts with combination ADA compliant raised number copy with braille.


Window plaques combining ADA compliant raised copy and braille with insert and graphics with polished accent strip.


AM series 6″ x 6″ with /(2) 2″h window modules & ADA copy & braille with graphic seal.