Directories take many forms to communicate information to the user on how to find their destination and other pertinent data. The form of the directory can also establish confidence in the user based on how skillfully it was designed and fabricated, and how it meets the need of disseminating information. The contemporary graphics program contains many elements such as static data that does not change, LED full color animation for changing data, and many types of fabrication materials, to ensure a visually pleasing and durable product.

Illuminated Strip Directories Specifications & Information

red_box 350 Recessed & Freestanding

red_box 375 Thinline Surface & Freestanding

Non-Illuminated Specifications & Data

red_box 300 & 325 Strip Directories

red_box 400 & 425 Wide Strip Directories

red_box 500C & 525C Changeable Letter

red_box 500T & 525T Tack Board


350 Illuminated in Curved Structure

375 Illuminated Directory Surface Mtd

375 Illuminated Directory Surface Mounted


350 Illuminated in Curved Structure