Vomar Products offers three processes for raised copy and braille which meet ADA standards: The Inlaid Process, The Overlay Process, and The Applied Process. These three innovations offer many advantages over existing methods, such as photopolymer and applied copy processes, and can be combined with any product in our catalog. Utilizing large format digital printing offers many new exciting graphic applications when combined with these processes.
Inland Process
Overlay Process
Applied Process

The Inlaid Process

The raised letters and braille are inlaid into laser cut opening on a matte finish background with .030” exposed above background (per ADA Standard). Raised letters and braille are inlaid into any color background, bonded to the substrate and cannot be easily removed or vandalized.

The Overlay Process

The overlay process uses a matte finish plastic material, formed under heat and pressure to create raised copy and braille. This integral overlay provides ADA standards and vandal protection for the raised copy and braille, background colors, and graphic images.

The Applied Process

ADA compliant raised letters are applied and attached to any plaque surface with our special heat and pressure bonding process. The braille is inlaid with our standard process and is compliant with ADA standards.