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RC 100 Series

RC 100 Series Plaque

RC 6″x 6″– Framed Photopolymer plaque with raised copy and Braille.

The RC 100 Series is a radius corner design group which features an aluminum frame with a 1/2″ outer radius and inserts with materials and processes as shown on the data page. Sizes are offered in 17 standard design configurations in either a rectangular or square format. All plaques are ADA compliant and may be used with all graphic applications with or without frames.
ES 100 Series

ES 100 - 5

ES 100 – 5″x10″ Framed satin aluminum with ADA complaint photopolymer plaque with raised copy and Braille


ES 100 - 5

ES 100 – 3″x 8″ Framed satin aluminum with ADA complaint inlay plaque with raised copy and braille.

The ES 100 Series displays a square cornered insert plaque contained within an aluminum frame in 34 standard sizes in either square or rectangular formats. Inserts may be ordered without a frame if desired and all ordering information is shown on the data pages.

windows image

Window Series with Alum theme

Window plaque with aluminum framed design feature with milled aluminum base with ADA inlaid number and braille with window

The Window Series consists of unframed acrylic window plaques with changeable message strips inserted behind transparent viewing windows. Inserts may be provided by Vomar or via computer printed at customer site. Any number of configurations are available and may be designed to customer specifications and inserts may be ordered in a number of sizes and colors. All Window plaques are designed to be ADA compliant with raised copy and Braille.

Shown are examples of Window plaques combining ADA compliant copy with insert strips and graphics.

gate4 image

2000 Radius Series – 15″w x 15″h Anodized aluminum frame with raised cut-out graphics on perforated header panel and strips are painted with VDC letters.

2000 Radius Series

2000 Radius Series – 15″w x 12h” Metallic painted silver frame with raised ADA graphics and braille, window for changeable insert and pull-out in use notifier – Interior use.

The 2000 Radius Series has been designed to fulfill the need for an identification system that can be used for multiple functions. This product will retain its visual integrity and function for virtually any application and maintain flexibility and durability.