Fabricated Aluminum letters (close up of view below)

Fabricated Aluminum Letters (Close-up of View Below)

Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse

Vomar Products completed an extensive manufacturing and installation signage program for the Antelope Valley branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. This project consisted of large exterior dimensional fabricated aluminum letters mounted on the building and additional satin-finish aluminum dimensional letters mounted to a concrete monument unit.

Interior signing included ADA compliant plaques and space identification of all courtrooms and public areas. The aluminum curved directory shown at right was fabricated with curved glass doors and alum. directory strips. The units were designed for wall mounting and free-standing locations throughout the building.

Elevation of surface installed aluminum letters

Elevation View of Surface-Installed Aluminum Letters

Typical Interior ADA / Window Plaque

Interior ADA Window Plaque

HDU Carved Calif. Seal 36” applied aluminum silver leaf highlights with dark silver background

HDU Carved California Seal 36” Applied Aluminum, Silver Leaf Highlights with Dark Silver Background


Projecting brushed aluminum sign

Projecting Brushed Aluminum Sign

Curved aluminum 425 interior directory

Curved Aluminum 425 Interior Directory


Curved aluminum 425 wall mount directory

Curved Aluminum 425 Wall Mount Directory

Large curved monument sign with fabricated aluminum letters

Large Curved Monument Sign with Fabricated Aluminum Letters

Exterior monument with fabricated freestanding and surface mounted aluminum letters

Exterior Monument with Fabricated Freestanding and Surface-Mounted Aluminum Letters