Barnsdall Park Monument

Project Signage for the Historic Barnsdall Art Park Monument

The signage portion of this monument is 24 feet wide and 17 feet tall, and constructed of aluminum extrusions and sheet stock with LED rear wash lighted fabricated letters for the upper main title. The center section is LED internally illuminated for 3/4” thick acrylic push through letters, which also provides wash lighting for the third line of copy. The tower is constructed of milled aluminum knuckles and aluminum framework with one-inch thick illuminated acrylic horizontal accent devices and polycarbonate vertical illuminated accent. All illumination for this double sided monument is performed with LED products for reduced maintenance. The base of the monument is constructed of reinforced concrete with a sto coating, and is 27 feet wide, 4 feet thick and 8 feet high at grade. The overall size of the complete monument is 27 feet wide, 25 feet high, and 4 feet thick.