Children's Hospital Signage by Vomar Products

Children’s Hospital Signage by Vomar Products

Children's Hospital Signage

Illuminated LED Facade Mounted Letters 7 Feet High with 10 Foot Diameter and CHOC Teddy Bear Logo at the Roof Line of the 7-Story Structure


Donor Recognition – Articulating Aluminum ‘Bugs’ Containing Donor Names on a 160′ Fence

CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County

These photographs are representative of the graphic program completed at CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The project was very innovative and required extensive coordination between the designer, general contractor and the owner to achieve the desired outcome. Vomar completed fabrication and installation of all of the graphics and signage in this major hospital project.

Contractor: McCarthy Building Co.
Design: Formation


Etched Decorative Stainless Steel Donor Wall with Magnetic Acrylic Plaques, which can be Expanded with Additional Donor Names

Serpentine Full-Color Animated LED Fabricated Aluminum Unit on Both Sides of a Bridge Between 2 Buildings, Displaying Donor Names with a Colorful Background. Unit Forms a U-Shape, is Approximately 100 Feet Long, and was Completely Fabricated, Assembled and Installed by Vomar