College of the Canyons

This college campus underwent an extensive exterior signage and identification program, designed by Biesek Design. The program extended to every area of the campus, including campus identity signage, major illuminated directional monuments, trail directional signs, parking designations, campus map orientation monoliths, and building identification. All units were fabricated and installed by Vomar Products personnel.

Design: Biesek Design


Aluminum Post Mounted Sign with Vinyl Graphics

Aluminum Post-Mounted Sign with Vinyl Graphics

Vertical Aluminum Sign Panel and Post

Vertical Aluminum Sign Panel and Post

Curved Directional Sign

Curved Directional Sign

Curved illuminated aluminum sign panel on LED sign

Curved Illuminated Aluminum Sign Panel on LED Sign

Curved aluminum directory/map

Curved Aluminum Directory and Map

24’-0” Tall Aluminum Tenant Monument

24’ Tall Aluminum Tenant Monument