Stainless Stl. numbers w/polished returns cut for beam mount - SKA Design

Stainless Steel Numbers with Polished Returns Cut for Beam Mount
Design: SKA Design


Healthcare Projects

Vomar Products has completed extensive manufacturing and installation signage programs for the CHOC Children’s Hospital, High Desert Hospital, USC Healthcare Center II, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the VA Hospital in Long Beach, CA. 


Graphic process ADA - OVERLAY AM SERIES (1), Graphic process ADA - INLAY WINDOW (2) and ADA - INLAY (3) with printed wood-grain background

Graphic Process ADA Overlay AM Series, ADA Inlay Window, and ADA Inlay with Printed Wood-Grain Background

Directory - High Desert Hospital - SKA Design

High Desert Hospital Directory
Design: SKA Design


Tenant ID - High Desert Hospital - SKA Design

High Desert Hospital Tenant ID
Design: SKA Design


ADA - INLAY 100 SERIES with aluminum trim

ADA Inlay 100 Series with Aluminum Trim