LED Illuminated Aluminum Halo Letters with Digitally Printed Wall Graphic on Letter Face
Design: Gensler


Concourse View of Stainless Steel FIDS Kiosk and Overhead Directional and Tenant ID
Design: Gensler


San Francisco International Airport

Vomar Products has completed several extensive signage and graphics system for San Francisco International Airport terminals, boarding areas, parking garages, and transportation support facilities. Shown here are a few of many graphic and signage configurations that were fabricated and installed by Vomar Products, illustrating the diverse capabilities of our firm.


Cut-Out Resin Symbols

Illuminated Push-thru Logo

Illuminated Push-Through Logo


Stainless Kiosk with Glass Face and Monitor
Design: Gensler


Tenant ID and Stainless Steel Projecting Illuminated Graphic


Stainless Steel structure & powder coated directory with digitally printed directional maps

Stainless Steel Structure & Powder-Coated Directory with Digitally Printed Directional Maps



Partial view of ticketing areas showing the scale of the project.

Partial View of Ticketing Areas Showing the Scale of the Project
Design: SOM


Ticketing identification using brushed aluminum configuration of the numbers

Ticketing Identification Using Brushed Aluminum Configuration of the Numbers
Design: SOM

Freestanding Stainless Steel changeable strip directional units with anti-reflective glass and cart bumpers.

Freestanding Stainless Steel Changeable Strip Directional Units with Anti-Reflective Glass and Cart Bumpers

Curved Aluminum column markers with routed openings for baggage carousels 5'- 0" high x 6'- 0" wide

Curved Aluminum Column Markers with Routed Openings for Baggage Carousels, 5′ x 6′
Design: SOM