Detail of standard illuminated cabinet with unframed acrylic faces throughout.

Detail of Standard Illuminated Cabinet with Unframed Acrylic Faces Throughout

Sea-Tac International Airport

Vomar Products completed an extensive manufacturing and installation signage program for the Sea-Tac International Airport. Numerous illuminated and non-illuminated signs were required to identify and direct passengers to a new concourse of 14 boarding gates. Exterior neon and stainless steel Flight Information Display System (FIDS) cabinets were a few of the custom components which accented the architecture.

Graphic Design: NBBJ

Freestanding illuminated cabinet w/S. Stl. base under illuminated lexan disc projecting markers.

Freestanding Illuminated Cabinet with Stainless Steel Base Under Illuminated Lexan Disc Projecting Markers

Sea-Tac signage Vomar

Detail of Illuminated Freestanding Cabinet

One of 8 FIDS monitor cabinets with perforated stainless steel panels front and back 10'x0" x 9'-0"

One of eight 10′ x 9′ FIDS Monitor Cabinets with Perforated Stainless Steel Panels Front and Back


Illuminated Overhead Standard Vomar Extrusion Cabinets with Top-Hinged Covers and Unframed Acrylic Faces



Exterior Exposed Neon Channel Letters 5′ High x 6″ Deep