Stainless Steel letters w/baffle under canopy

Stainless Steel Letters with Baffle Under Canopy


Detail of S. Steel letters under canopy

Detail of Stainless Steel Letters Under Canopy


Stainless steel frame over standard 425 directory

Stainless Steel Frame over Standard 425 Directory

Aluminum disc 5’ - 0” w/projected letter

5’ Tall Aluminum Disc with Projected Letter


West Los Angeles College

Vomar was selected as the prime contractor for the complete graphic program for the West Los Angeles College providing design, fabrication and installation for the college. This program has been completed featuring extensive interior, exterior signing and full color LED dynamic display integrated into the prime monument structure.

Design: Terry Grabrosky


aluminum disc shop drawing

Shop Drawing of 5′ Tall Aluminum Disc


Freestanding Monuments for Campus Identity and Promotion of Events and Programs with Full-Color LED Animated Display