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Ceiling Mounted
Single Unit
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Double Flag Unit


Project Wall
Mounted - Single Unit
Counter Mounted - Double or Single Flag center_mount
Technical Data

The RDS rotational display system features up to 4 different message inserts in the unit which can be easily rotated for change.

Panel Configurations & Sizes
Square Shape - 3" or 6". Triangle - 6".

Panel Lengths
Panel lengths are shown center to center from support posts and are available in sizes as shown 24", 30", 36", 48", and custom sizes.

Frame & Support Posts/Color
All RDS units are powder-coated for increased durability in the following matched colors: aluminum, medium duranodic bronze, black, and white. Custom powder-coated colors are available on special order.

Insert Colors
Medium bronze color match, black as standard, and custom colors are available.

Graphic Image Process
All graphic images are front-surface silk screen printed. Vinyl letters and logos can also be applied.
Panel Letter Styles
Helvetica Bold and Regular are the standard type weights, however custom type styles are available.

Letter Style Colors
White and black are standard colors. Custom colors can be specified.

Panel Legends
Standard messages for inserts can be provided upon request. Custom messages not found on the standard list may be ordered at additional cost and inserted into unit.
Mounting Conditions

Ceiling Mount
Single or tandem units can be suspended over a service counter and each unit is supported by two aluminum extrusions mounted to the ceiling. All units are flush-mounted with no exposed mounting plates or fasteners. Support posts for 6" square or triangle units are 2" x 6", and the posts for the 3" square unit are 2" x 3". Support post heights are as required.
Base Mount
Units can be either single or double flag mounted directly on a counter top with a center support post. The standard RDS height for a counter mount is 41" from the counter to the sign. Support posts for this type of unit are 3" x 6" aluminum tubes.
configurations Configuration
4S6 24" 30" 36" 48"

This series features a square shape designed to display four 6" high message inserts.

4S3 24" 30" 36" 48"

A square shape with 4 display inserts that are 3" high.

3S6 24" 30" 36" 48"

A triangular shape with 3 display inserts that are 6" high.