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Airports & Transit

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san francisco international airport

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McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Vomar provided extensive fabrication for all graphic applications for McCarren Airport Satellite D. The major ID shown is a curved structure, 60’ long by 9’ high, using all aluminum structure and background. Push-through acrylic letters were used for the upper illuminated ID sign, and aluminum disks and fins were accented with neon colors. Vomar Products performed all fabrication and installation.

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sea-tac international airport

Vomar Products completed an extensive manufacturing and installation signage program for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Numerous illuminated and non-illuminated signs were required to identify and direct passengers to a new concourse of 14 boarding gates. Exterior neon and stainless steel Flight Information Display System (FIDS) cabinets were a few of the custom components which accented the architecture.

designed by NBBJ

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The BART Milpitas & Berryessa Transit Stations

Vomar Products completed the fabrication and installation of the signage program for the Berryessa and Milpitas BART Transportation transit system. This project included all exterior ID letters, illuminated stainless steel pylons, directories, interior ADA compliant transportation grade plaques, illuminated overhead signing and track side identification for each station. We also provided several hundred continuous lineal feet of powder coated aluminum, overhead illuminated signing, and light enclosures for each station.

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Civic & Community

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The United States Capitol Visitor Center

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Barnsdall Art Park

The signage portion of this monument is 24 feet wide and 17 feet tall, and constructed of aluminum extrusions and sheet stock with LED rear wash lighted fabricated letters for the upper main title. The center section is LED internally illuminated for 3/4” thick acrylic push through letters, which also provides wash lighting for the third line of copy. The tower is constructed of milled aluminum knuckles and aluminum framework with one-inch thick illuminated acrylic horizontal accent devices & polycarbonate vertical illuminated accent.

All illumination for this double sided monument is performed with LED products for reduced maintenance. The base is constructed of reinforced concrete with a sto coating, and is 27 feet wide, 4 feet thick and 8 feet high at grade. The overall size of the complete monument is 27 feet wide, 25 feet high, & 4 feet thick.

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Chatsworth Courthouse

The exterior and interior graphics for this project were fabricated and installed by Vomar Products. This is a large facility which recognized the need for excellent design and fabrication of signing to compliment the contemporary vision.

design: SKA

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Wesminster Police Department

The Westminister Police Department is located within the civic center complex buildings in Westminster, California. The Cor-Ten steel monumental unit shown above and all other indentification and directional signs for this project were engineered, fabricated and installed by Vomar Products.

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Corporate & Mixed Use

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Warner View Corporate Center

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The Residences at Bishop Place

This high rise building in Honolulu, Hawaii brought with it many unique features and challenges. With project activities ranging from selecting custom wood finishes to printing directly on stainless steel elevator panels, there was never a dull moment in the collaborative process of making these stylish signs.

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salesforce Tower

Vomar Products completed all of the base design and code compliant signage for the 1,070-foot tall Salesforce Tower skyscraper in San Francisco, California. This project also included signage for the Salesforce Transit Center next door, and was a key component of the San Francisco Transbay redevelopment plan. Vomar manufactured and installed over 2,000 signs for this project, including but not limited to: elevator and room identification units, main building entrance dimensional graphics, and a 12' by 6'-3" tenant ID monument.

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Nike World Headquarters

Graphics and signing for the Nike World Headquarters were fabricated and installed by Vomar with six additional buildings completed. There is an extensive array of exterior and interior graphic applications designed by Ambrosini Design, which include extensive use of etched stainless steel, digital imaging, fabricated dimensional letters and specialized fabricated objects.

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our projects

Education Projects Overview

Vomar Products has had the opportunity to work on many extensive manufacturing and installation signage programs for schools and universities across the country. Some of these project clients include The University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, The California Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Glendale College, Orange County College, several California State University campuses, and all of the major University of California campuses.

Our projects

The University of Southern California

Vomar Products fabricated and installed a wide-ranging sign system for this university, including a full-scale donor recognition system, elevator signage, and custom exterior digitally printed signs. Designed by Selbert Perkins, the donor recognition system was built to highlight contributions from thousands of donors, and was installed by Vomar Products in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, a 194,000-square-foot, 6-level facility located at the heart of the campus. 

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University of California, Riverside

A complete graphic program for this University was fabricated and installed by Vomar Products, consisting of signage for ten 9-story dormitory structures, two precast monument units that were fabricated off-site and placed, and all exterior campus directional units. This included illuminated signing for a large cafeteria, digitally printed wall coverings, and market and parking garage graphics.

design: Sasaki

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The California Institute of Technology

Vomar Products was awarded the opportunity to build exterior identification signage, exterior plaque signage, and dimensional letters as a part of extensive renovations undertaken for The Ronald and Maxine Linde Center for Global Environmental Science. These new developments enabled the center to become one of the nation’s most energy-efficient laboratories and the first existing historic building to earn the LEED Platinum rating. The curved monumental identification sign was configured entirely at the Vomar facility, and is made of painted aluminum and precast concrete. The materials are made to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining LEED Platinum certification. 

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Healthcare Projects Overview

Vomar Products has completed extensive manufacturing and installation signage programs for a number of healthcare facilities, including the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, High Desert Hospital, USC Healthcare Center II, Stanford Hospital, Ventura County Medical Center, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, and the VA Hospital in Long Beach, CA. 

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Children's Hospital of Orange County

These photographs are representative of the graphic program completed at CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The project was very innovative and required extensive coordination between the designer, general contractor and the owner to achieve the desired outcome. Vomar completed fabrication and installation of all of the graphics and signage in this major hospital project.

designed by Formation

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VA Hospital, Long Beach

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Jacobs Medical Center

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sports & entertainment

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SoFi Stadium

Graphics & Wayfinding

The New SoFi Stadium

SoFi Stadium and the Turner/AECOM group selected Vomar Products based on our experience, background and the ability to produce large amounts of signage required within a given time frame. The stadium spans 298 acres and is well known as one of the most unique and beautiful structures of its kind. It also enhances the adjacent pedestrian plaza and performance venue, which Vomar has also completed. The signage concept and design are by HKS, and manufacturing and installation are by Vomar Products. SoFi Stadium is one of our largest & most prestigious accomplishments, of which we are very proud.

Identification for each of the executive suites in the stadium with a removable space for donor and/or owner logos.

Ticketing section markers occurring on all railings and glass separators

This project artfully combined the use of our high tech machinery with our skilled staff's personal touch. The final products were often assembled by hand, infusing each piece with time-honored craftsmanship and quality control.

Many signs were fabricated with unique mounting configurations to accommodate irregular wall substrates.

The project's design continuity was carried out in signage with chamfered edges and perforated backers.

Major section markers, with a special mounting configuration to conform to railings. Vomar's team underwent extensive engineering development to ensure product safety.

Dimensional lettering with beveled edges was fabricated and installed throughout the project.

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La Fiesta Galleria

This complex is located in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands in the south Pacific. Vomar Products participated in the overall design and implementation of the project and the manufacturing, installation and engineering. This was a unique project and required the fabrication of twenty full-size fiberglass dolphins in various positions. All exterior signage was manufactured to withstand 200 mph wind loads.

design: SKA

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Marina Del Rey Harbor

The graphics and signs for this recreational area were in desperate need of renovation, having been installed many years ago. The program consisted of fabrication of aluminum faces to be applied directly over the existing plywood and metal signs, using the same hardware. New graphics were applied onto the urethane coated aluminum panels, completing the panels. There were many configurations for the existing signs and this method provided minimum disruption of a busy development site.

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Hollywood & Highland

Designed by Sussman/Prejza, Vomar Products completed an extensive signage program for the Los Angeles Hollywood & Highland retail and entertainment center. Shown on this page are a few of the many unique signage applications used for this project, which included illuminated sandblasted glass identification units, monuments & graphics, and several large 15' by 40' wall murals.

what we do

General Product Categories

ADA Graphic Processes

Dimensional Graphics

Digital Imaging



Themed Fabrication

Monuments & Kiosks

Exterior Signage

Donor Recognition Systems

ADA Graphic Processes

Vomar Products offers three processes for raised copy and braille which meet ADA standards: The Inlaid Process, The Overlay Process, and The Applied Process. These three innovations offer many advantages over existing methods, such as photopolymer and applied copy processes, and can be combined with any product in our catalog. Utilizing large format digital printing offers many new exciting graphic applications when combined with these processes.

The Inlaid Process

The raised letters and braille are inlaid into laser cut openings on a matte finish background with .030” exposed above background (per ADA Standard). Components are inlaid into any color background, bonded to the substrate and cannot be easily removed or vandalized.

The overlay process

The overlay process uses a durable matte finish plastic material, formed under heat and pressure to create raised copy and braille. This integral material overlay provides ADA standards and vandal protection for the raised copy and braille, background colors, and graphic images.

the applied process

ADA compliant raised letters are applied and attached to any plaque surface with our proprietary heat and pressure bonding process, creating an irremovable and vandal resistant product. The braille is inlaid with our standard inlay process and is compliant with ADA standards.

The Transportation Grade Process

We have developed an industrial strength ADA compliant plaque product for use within transportation systems to support the directional, wayfinding and identification of spaces. These plaques have been used in the Los Angeles Metro systems, numerous Bart facilities in Northern California and at the San Francisco Airport and other projects requiring extreme abrasion and vandal resistance.
Custom design
The transportation grade system can be fabricated for design intent similar to any of our plaque configurations shown, or used in combination with other unique and custom architectural themes.
Constant Materials
The product uses a tough floride-based material formed under heat and pressure with molds similar to our overlay process, but adapted for extreme abrasion and durability. Transportation grade products are heat-bonded to an aluminum backer for either mechanical or adhesive installation to interior or exterior structures.

Dimensional Graphics

Vomar Products manufactures a wide range of dimensional letters utilizing fabricated and solid cut-out methods in either illuminated or non-illuminated configurations. We use the complete gamut of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, solid acrylic and other materials as appropriate for interior or exterior applications. These products are combined with our architectural graphic projects to achieve a turn-key process integrating the design intent of the designer and proven fabrication methods.

digital Imaging

Our powerful digital imaging printing technology has enabled Vomar to produce full color images of any size for interior and exterior applications. We are able to print full color images and white on substrates of aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic and a wide variety of typical digital printing surfaces.

Applications for Digital Imaging:

Stadium Graphics

Parking Garages

Airport Terminals

Layout Plans

Theme Murals

University Graphics

Animal Care Centers

Healthcare Centers


Interior & exterior

Directories take many forms to communicate information to the user on how to find their destination and other pertinent data. The form of the directory can also establish confidence in the user based on how skillfully it was designed and fabricated, and how it meets the need of disseminating information. The contemporary graphics program contains many elements such as static data that does not change, LED full color animation for changing data, housing and support for end-user touch-screen displays, and many types of fabrication materials, to ensure a visually pleasing and durable product.

350 Recessed & Freestanding

The 350 Series illuminated directory utilizes a single aluminum extrusion for the outer perimeter frame and provides a housing for the door frame and all directory components.

375 Thinline Surface & Freestanding

This illuminated directory features an elegant thin profile design which utilizes LED modules as a light source and has a directory depth of 2¼. An aluminum extrusion forms the outer perimeter frame and provides housing for all directory components.

300 & 325 Strip Directories

These non-illuminated multiple module directories combine a series of 7 1⁄2" wide strip columns into a continuous common outer frame.

400 & 425 Wide Strip Directories

This non-illuminated directory features a large 1" wide message strip and design format that accommodates larger letter-styles and sizes for tenant buildings requiring fewer strips.

500C & 525C Changeable Letter

This series features a non-illuminated changeable directory that utilizes grooved boards for display of changing notices or tenants.

500T & 525T Tack Board

This series consists of a non-illuminated tackboard that utilizes natural cork or felt covered boards for display of posters or changing notices.


Vomar small sign plaques and panels can be fabricated in custom configurations to meet the design intent, or may be a combination of our standard units. Most of the interior ID and directional plaques we manufacture are special and custom units designed by the graphic designer or architect, but are usually a mixture of our processes and a custom design.

Themed Fabrications

The delicate balance between form and function, custom made.

Monuments & Kiosks


Our exterior system is divided into two classifications: Illuminated and non-illuminated, with five basic design groups as shown below, along with an extensive array of dimensional graphics. These groups are available in formed and flat panel faces in aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel. Support structures are available in many shapes and sizes in standard or custom configurations.

Weather Resistant

The proprietary blend of materials used in our exterior signage is formed under intense heat and pressure and made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Vandal Protected

Our exterior products utilize a tough fluoride material, specially formulated to be vandal and graffiti resistant in all situations.

Durability Guarantee

Vomar guarantees sustainable durability on every product we make, and our contract warranties cover repairs. Our exterior products are used frequently in areas where the highest level of protection is required. 

Donor Recognition Systems

Vomar has produced numerous types of donor recognition systems utilizing the most appropriate to the designer and the facility. Shown here are a few examples of multi-plaque configurations, dimensional letters, magnetic stainless steel murals with donor names, recognition panels, video monitors, and a full color LED animated display with 1,000 donor names running within a bridge structure.

These systems strive to provide flexibility for additions and movement of donor requirements. We can produce any design requirement as shown by the creative efforts of the designer and work with you to complete the design intent.

Graphic Standards

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